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Do You Need Blue Light Glasses?

Posted by Aisha Allen on


Have you been experiencing migraines? Sleepless nights? Ever thought it could be from the screens we use every day? We are exposed to massive amounts of harmful blue light every single day. 

You could be suffering from digital eye strain? Symptoms can range from headaches and dry eyes, all the way to decreased attentiveness and insomnia.  These symptoms could be the result of blue light exposure from digital screens.

Think about all that you do in the course of a day. At work you’re reading emails and notes, answering emails, and returning texts from a week ago. Or you’re at the bedside charting and monitoring vitals. What if you’re at home? Studying for your next exam? You end your day unwinding watching Stranger Things . You finally get to bed and just can’t fall asleep. Then you grab your phone and start Instagram surfing.

Take care of yourself, and order your blue light glasses today.